Fancy Nancy Party

Ages 3 – 8
Girls will get fancy! There are new words to learn and they are all fancy. We will read a Fancy Nancy book then dress-up, the fancier the better. We will send our guest to the styling chair for a fancy hairstyle, light sparkling make-up and posh nail polish. The girls will learn to walk fancy down the runway on stage. We will play games. Then it’s off to a Fancy Tea using our exquisite tea set ! You can bring in your own food or choose our food package with your choice of 2 fancy tea sandwiches or pizza, fruit and gold fish and beverages. The best part is our signature sundae station where the guests can create a the fanciest parfait. As a party favor the guests will receive a purse and choose 2 party favors. We provide special dress-up clothes for boys too.