American Idol and Karaoke Party

Ages 6+
Let’s get ready for the performance!  Girls will begin in the style chair with a hair makeover, glittering eye makeup, hair extensions (to keep) blush, lip color, nail polish.  The invited guests will accessorize with hats, boas, scarves, purses and sunglasses while listening to hip music.   The girls will pick teams and songs to perform and receive trophies.   All participants will be in a fashion show for photo opportunities.  At the conclusion of the performances, it’s time to eat with your choice of 2 Rock star sandwiches or pizza, fresh fruit, baked chips and beverages.  The best part is our signature sundae station where the guests can create the best dessert.  As a party favor the guests will receive a purse, hair extension,  trophy and 2 party favors.   At the conclusion of the party the birthday girl receives a special gift from Rock the Tea.